Bristol Youth Strike 4 Climate 21st June 2019




For decades, politicians have failed to listen to the science.

The 2018 IPCC Report concluded that we need to keep global average temperature change to under 1.5 °C warming to avoid irreversible damage to the climate.

That same year, Greta Thunberg brought global attention to the climate crisis when she began striking from school every Friday outside the Swedish Parliament.

Striking for the climate has repeatedly brought the need for climate justice to the forefront of the media's attention. We all want an education but we also need a liveable planet. By striking from our schools, colleges and universities every few months, we can pressure the government and council into implementing real change.


As a form of civil disobedience, by striking we can force real change, just like unions have done in the past.

As students, we can make real change. As an adult, you can still help too. Join us in solidarity to demand climate action!


Due to the importance of social distancing and avoiding mass gatherings, we will not be holding any strikes in the near future. To hear about our next strike, subscribe to our newsletter. However, we are still working hard to keep up the pressure on those in positions of power so stay tuned!

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