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We're back!

(If you plan on going, please respond to our Facebook event!)

Tell your friends, the climate strikes in Bristol are back! For the first time since Greta Thunberg visited our city in February 2020, we will be returning to the streets of Bristol to demand climate justice.

This strike we are focusing on two key themes - the first being that time is running out. No meaningful efforts to halt the climate and ecological crisis have happened since our last strike. The politicians who govern us have failed to protect us. We need to cut emissions drastically in order to prevent total catastrophe.

Our generation is the first to have never lived in a stable climate. It is our generation who will inherit a planet that may very well have been tipped over the point into an irreversible climate and ecological crisis.

We are a youth-led movement, we empower our generations' voices and rally people from all ages around them. We’re walking out of our schools, colleges, and universities because we know it is a lot harder for them to ignore us than a protest on a weekend.

Our second theme is intersectional climate justice, because we need more than just climate action. The climate and ecological crisis directly intersects with many forms of oppression - that’s why any solution to this crisis must have addressing inequality and oppression at its core.

As a movement, we stand for climate justice. That means we also stand for social justice, racial justice, and liberation for all people. We stand with indigenous communities being evicted from their lands under fortress ‘conservation’, with Black Lives Matter, with the Global South, and with many other peoples and movements.

Because we are still in a pandemic, we ask that everyone please wear masks and social distance where possible and do a lateral flow test before attending our strike.

We hope to see you there!

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