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Bristol Strikes Back - Say No To Airport Expansion on 25/03

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

(Please respond to our Facebook event!)

Just like we did back in May and June of 2019, we will again be holding a climate strike against airport expansion!

Despite both 83% of North Somerset residents and North Somerset Council, Bristol City Council, and the West of England Combined Authority all being against airport expansion, the government's Planning Inspectorate swept in and approved the plans to increase the number of passengers from 8 to 12 million a year.

We will not stand for this - our future are on the line. Airport expansion would worsen air and noise pollution in communities around it and release even more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere at a time when we are meant to be decarbonising.

The airport claims they will be net-zero by 2030. They're completely lying as that figure doesn't include flights...

We are standing up for our futures and demanding that there is No Airport Expansion!

Join us at 11am on Friday 25th March at College Green!

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