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Photo by Laurie Gibbs

More than eight out of every 100 deaths in Bristol each year are caused by air pollution. In the worst-affected areas of the city, such as Lawrence Hill, as many as 11 out of every 100 adults die from illnesses related to air pollution. 

A study by Kings College, London found that children who live near Bristol’s busiest roads have measurably reduced lung capacity, meaning that they struggle to breathe normally. 

Many individuals and activist groups around the city have been campaigning for improvement to the city’s air for years however they have had limited success.


Launched in October 2020, Our Air, Our City (OAOC) is a coaltion made up of various activist and community groups to campaign for clean air for Bristol, including BYS4C, Extinction Rebellion, Bristol Cycling Campaign, Cotham Gardens Primary School and Stop the Maangamizi.


Healthy Air Now

We demand Bristol City Council and the West of England Combined Authority reaches WHO recommended outdoor air quality guidelines by May 2022 and keeps Bristol’s air quality under these guidelines in a post-Covid future.

Just Implementation

We demand that Bristol City Council and the West of England Combined Authority put all possible means of achieving legal air on the table, including support for active travel, improvements to public transport and CAZ proposals, and that in considering them they take into account the differing needs of all communities in the city.

Tell The Truth

We demand that Bristol City Council and public Bristol institutions, including schools, media and medical bodies, educate the people of Bristol about the impact of air pollution on their health and their environment.

Vote For Clean Air

We demand all Bristol City Council and West of England Combined Authority mayoral candidates tell us their plans for achieving our first three demands.


The Steering Group is made up of groups and communities most affected by Bristol’s air pollution and groups that have committed their resources to driving change for them. This group meets to form the campaign’s core strategy using democratic input from all campaign groups.

Currently, the Steering Group members are:

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